Founded in 2003, Filopateer for engineering and supplies specialized in architecture design, interior and hotel finishing works. The company believes that our latest designs are on one of the communicating languages in the era. Thus, we have an incentive to participate in the dialogue of ideas through our work and designs that we offer.

Therefore, we are occupying a leading, innovative, position in the field by following careful practical steps and by our ability to execute strong and distinctive projects.

This may seem very simple, however, it requires creativity in each and every section to have a final product that suits the level of our company, client and consultant.

Therefore, The company is built by a group of distinguished architects, engineers, experts and technicians who have high experience in designing and executing outstanding projects.

Our Vision:

We are looking forward to become one of the most important large companies in the field, through the work assigned to us by our clients and the presence of the factors of expertise in the company to implement those projects on the way that make us and our clients proud of the work done.

Our Mission:

Our previous experience assures that the company is achieving its objectives as well as the company’s vision in aspiring to the spread of the entity and maintaining its reputation.

We achieved many projects and our mission is implementing more and more.

Our Values:

Creativity and professionalism in all our projects in addition to the quality and preservation of all the property of the owner and the residents. We provide a healthy and safe atmosphere for everyone.